Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates provide a perfect solution to add gates to your property where space is limited either side of the gates or if there is uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates also provide an increased level of security that swing gates do not provide. This is becdayse sliding gates provide more resistance to forced entry.

Sliding Gates can be made out of any standard materials. We stock a range of different gates for this opening configuration. From aluminium gates, wooden or iron, sliding gates still look brilliant, while allowing easy access to your property and enhancing security.

Sliding gates, similarly to swing gates, can also be automated. Rather than using a ram, or underground hidden motor, sliding gates use a mechanism attached to the gate and the motor in order to pull and push your gate open and closed. While sliding gates are typically more expensive to automate, they provide a far better level of security, and convenience in locations where swing gates are not an option. Just like other automated gates, a wide range of additional extras can be fitted from lights, ground loops and more.

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Gate Installation
Gate Installation
Gate Installation

General Questions

Sliding gates are an alternative to more traditional swing gates. There are a number of benefits to having sliding gates:
  • Sliding gates require less space than swing gates, providing extra flexability
  • Sliding gates provide much more security than swing gates, preventing forced entry
  • Sliding gates have less wind vulnerability
  • Sliding gates can be used for very large enterances where swing gates are not appropriate
  • Sliding gates can be constructed for any materials in which we build our standard range of gates from. This means we have a large number of options for you to choose from:
  • Aluminium Gates
  • Wooden Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Industrial Gates
  • One of the advantages of sliding gates is that they are highly felexible as to the size of the gap they can fill. Sliding gates can be used for small pedestrial enterances, as well as large industrial sized enterances. Therefore, whatever size enterance you may have, we can fit a sliding gate to it.
    Usually sliding gates, as well as sliding gate automation, is more costly that swing gates. This is due to the complexity of the mechanisms required to make these work. However, the benefits are usually worth the extra expense, and in some instances, sliding gates are the only option available.